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Electro Hydraulic Table

Technical Specification

Optional Features :
  • The remote is ergonomically designed to have an easy and better grip with spiral cable and have LED backlit screen with symbolic position figures making it convenient to use even in the dark.
  • Zero position facility i.e. by pressing the single button OT Table come to normal position.
  • Patient reverse orientation mode when head and leg section are interchanged.
  • Store up to two preset table top position in its memory which can be recalled anytime by simply pressing M1 or M2 button on the remote.
  • Remote control have function of locking operating position to prevent accidental movement of that position during surgery.
Standard Accessories
  • Anesthetic Screen.
  • Shoulder Supports with pads.
  • Arm Boards with pads.
  • Lateral Support with pad.
  • Knee Crutches Goepel type.
  • Water proof rubber mattress.
  • Additional Section provided.
  • Body Strap
  • X-ray Cassette holder
Functional Display of Remote Panel

Table up
Table down
Trendelendburg position

Reverse Trendelendburg position
Turn left
Turn right

Back plate up
Back plate down
Flex position

Re-flex position
Longitudinal shift towards leg end
Longitudinal shift towards Head end

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